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HaysuRPG is now being archived for good. This place had its go, and now its time to let go. If you are a dedicated member of Haysu's community, I ask you to please visit the following website,


This is a new website I am working on, and hope to see you all there. Its a bit more complex than Haysu, and a lot of new features. All Pokemon, including X and Y, have been added. You will also be able to freeform RP on most, the only thing that requires a update is if your profile needs changed or you need to spawn a Pokemon. I am in dire need of staff and looking for a few people to help me with some descriptions for locations, gym leaders, NPC's, Plots/events, etc. If you are interested, then please check out the following link,


Thank you for taking the time to read this, and understand, Haysu will always be in our hearts.
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